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Identify the Problem Areas

All insects must eat in order to survive. Flies will lay their eggs in their food. By identifying the food source of the targeted insect we can aggressively eliminate both adult flies and early stage larvae at the source. Fruit flies strictly feed on the yeast that grows from alcohol, soda, juice, fruit, starches, rotten foods and urine. Identify all yeast producing sites for guaranteed elimination.

Place Your FFBP Strip in the Affected Area

Our time controlled vapors are activated once the Fruit Fly BarPro strip is released from it’s special foil package. Apply the strip directly above the infested area and allow the vapors to fill a 5x5x8 area. Multiple strips may be needed for larger areas. The closer the strips are placed to the feeding/breeding site, the more effective they will be.

Watch the Fruit Fly Elimination Process

Within minutes of applying, Fruit Fly BarPro’s vapors begin to work filling the infested space and eliminating each listed insect upon contact. Watch as the infestation disappears for months.

Replace Your Strips After 4 Months of Fruit Fly Freedom

Our time controlled vapors are released for up to 4 months making Fruit Fly BarPro effective for up to 120 days….continuously! Date and replace the strips every 3/4 months for year round protection.