Fruit Flies in Winter…?

A big question we get during this time is:
“Do my Customers get Fruit Fly Problems in Winter?” 

ABSOLUTELY! is the short answer, but let’s dig a little deeper as to “Why?”

Many believe that Winter weather is “Death Season” for fruit fly populations, but winter in many areas can be still be quite warm for fruit flies (70°F is paradise for them). Colder temperatures will slow down the development of new of fruit flies, but it won’t stop them completely…

Scientists have found that:

  • Egg to Adulthood (fly) takes about 7 days at 80°F
  • 11 days at 90°F
  • 50 days at 54°F  (Winter-reproduction)

Even though it’s currently cold outside, it’s not “winter” in your customers establishments. Inside, it is always spring or summer! And just as humans seek warmth and comfort, so do the bugs… Leaving the inside of Bars and Restaurants to maintain a perfect feeding and breeding ground for these irritating and persistent pests.

Speaking of persistence, adult fruit flies are able to “overwinter” (pass through or wait out the winter) when conditions get too extreme for them. Allowing them to survive the harsh winter temperatures and start annoying again once climate warms up.

Fruit Flies don’t stop in the Winter… and neither should your sales!

Offer your customers the #1 guaranteed solution that will make them happy and put a little extra in your pocket!

Did you know that Fruit Fly Bar Pro KILLS 1st stage Larva?

That means as soon as an egg hatches, the clean and odorless vapors will stop it before it gets the chance to cocoon.

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