Fruit Flies in Winter…?

A big question we get during this time is: "Do my Customers get Fruit Fly Problems in Winter?"  ABSOLUTELY! is the short answer, but let's dig a little deeper as to "Why?" Many believe that Winter weather is "Death Season" for fruit fly populations, but winter in many areas can be still [...]

How Quickly Do Fruit Flies Reproduce?

You probably noticed how many fruit flies there can be in your restaurant, in only a couple of hours. The reason why this happens lies in their fast reproduction. Fruit flies are known to reproduce at astonishing rates - and just because of this, they have been a subject to a [...]

Are Fruit Flies Alive All Year?

Let's face it - most of you didn't know that fruit flies breed in your home or restaurant. Against the common thinking that they come in from the outside, fruit flies are pests that actually nest and breed on the yeast, garbage or fruit in your restaurant or bar. And just [...]

Medical Breakthroughs We Can Thank Fruit Flies For

Photo by Jared Belson We all know them as those annoying pests that keep coming for your rotten fruits and vegetables, opened bottles of wine and sugary foods. However, as annoying and distressing these pests may be, there are some reasons we can thank them for. 'Seriously? Saying thanks [...]